The Ndebele women are known for their artistic talent, as shown in their dress, their painted houses, and their intricate beadwork.

Our Ndebele beadworkers have taken that inspiration and created a range of beaded products such as mugs, keyrings, bookmarks, table décor and ornaments. All our contemporary beadwork products are intricate and colourful, and are available wholesale to retailers.

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Beaded Wooden Giraffe
Sizes: Small (20cm) + Medium (30cm)

Beaded Black & White Wooden Giraffe
Sizes: Small (20cm) + Medium (30cm)

Beaded Wooden Spoon

Beaded Pen

Beaded Enamel Mug

Beaded Glass Candle Holder

Beaded Ostrich Egg

Keyring Dolls

Beaded Bic Lighter

Beaded Bookmark

Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Spectacle Cord

Size: 65cm

Fridge Magnet Funky Colours

Fridge Magnet


Size: 30cm

Coaster Set + Grass Placemat

Coaster Set of 4 (10cm Diameter)
Small (20cm Diameter)

Medium (28cm Diameter)

Large (34cm Diameter)

Black + White Grass Placemat and Coaster Set

Coaster Set of 4 (10cm Diameter)

Medium (28cm Diameter)

Jug Net & Bowl Net

Jug Net (20cm Diameter)

Bowl Net (45cm Diameter)

Tray Net 

Size: 50cm x 70cm

Single Grass Coaster

Size: (10cm Diameter)